Sunday, August 26, 2007

Audio Books for Download Fun

Audio Books Download for Fun Learning

Who said audio books couldn't be the way to learn new skills while being entertaining?

Right now we're producing a generation of young adults whose listening skills are exceptional and the generation behind them will leave them have skills that will leave the current 20 somethings in the dust in comparative ability to comprehend and retain what they hear.

So what about us "over the hill" still remember the typewriter crowd? Can we comprehend much less use downloadable audio books?

I have to be honest, my son gave me my first iPod and it took me two months to get it out of the box! I only did it because he was coming home from college and I needed to be cool. Being cool is definitely a plus when you're the 50 something mother of tech savvy young adult.

So I got the iPod out of the box and figured out how to get it started. Although the scroll menu gave me fits. Now to the next challenge: actually putting something on it! I got my iTunes account set up and finally figured out how to download music. Again the scroll menu left me in the dust and it took me almost as long to be able to find the songs I'd downloaded. The actual time to do all this? About a week. Yes, really, a week. I was not necessarily a fast learner.

Audio Books Download

So here I am an ultra cool 50 something with my iPod ear bud firmly attached to my ear drum (it feels that way anyway) and all the music I want to hear. Now what?

Well, the best things were yet to come. Audio books. To be honest the music blasting in my ear really didn't do it for me. It was a diversion and most of the time I forgot to take the iPod with me on my morning walks. But a friend of mine told me about this great deal on audio books (yes, my first exposure to audio books was also an appeal to my thrifty nature) and she had the fervor that only the newly converted can attain. So I tried it. WOW! I loved the experience. The audio books were easy to download and I really enjoyed being read to by this guy with the deep baritone voice. Another fantasy that we won't go into here.

Anyway, the audio books I downloaded were fantastic and now I'm a convert. The Mature Adult who can't focus on two things at once is now a card carrying audio bibliophile! And the best thing is that I believe my ability to listen has improved with the audio books. I actually remember what I hear better than I did when I was still reading books.

You have to try this for yourself! Even if you're a techno dummy (I am), downloading audio books is a snap. It's so easy,it's scary. If this is what technology has to offer -- bring it on!

And to the generation of teen and twenty-somethings whose abilities still surpass mine, I have one word of advice " old age and treachery will always overcome youth and enthusiasm". I'm betting that the benefits I get from the audio books will be greater than for those whose abilities still exceed mine.

Oh, and by the way, I have found a particular company that I like and whose customer service and helpfulness was one of the keys to my success. If you'd like to check them out for yourself, just click the link below. - Your Audio & Video Learning Resource

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